5 Best Restaurants In Houston You Should Absolutely Try this Summer.

Disclaimer: I have not received any form of payment or compensations for these reviews. All opinions are my own.

Where to find the city’s best brunch/lunch spots to enjoy every bit of summer.

Although we have been indoor for a whole year, the world is finding its way back to normalcy slowly — but surely — we are getting there.

With access to COVID-19 vaccine and proper protective equipments, Houstonians are feeling more safe and to go back to the way things were, as a result, restaurants in Houston are back in business and they are better than they were before the pandemic.

As summer approaches, we find ourselves wanting to be outdoors, living lives, and catching up on the moments we missed last year, above all, staying safe. Whether you’re craving for some savory crepes or penne rustica, this article highlights 5 affordable restaurants in Houston that offers impeccable indoor dining services and tackles common questions such as “Where should I go for brunch/lunch today?”

1. Sweet Paris

Did someone say crepes? Count me in! This aesthetically pleasing chic cafe is famous for its variety of sweet, savory, breakfast crepes along with salads, beers, and a fine selection of wine.

2. Black Walnut Cafe

This is a great, casual, neighborhood restaurant. With an impressive of comfort food, homemade gelato and a full bar, this restaurant makes a perfect choice for brunch and lunch this summer with friends.

3. Osso & Kristalla

Northern Italian dishes brought to your doorstep! Stepping into this open kitchen enriched in warm gold tones space just opens up your appetite. It is just the right place for the perfect summer lunch. In addition—  they also have an outdoor patio!

4. Hungry’s Cafe

If on a Sunday, you just want to grab lunch with your friends, make that drive to Hungry’s cafe. Why? Hungry’s cafe carries one of the best freshly prepared sandwiches in the city, plus their Penne Rustica is second to none. In addition — their burgers are particularly satisfying and juicy.

5. First Watch

This chill-homey setting restaurant is a must go, especially for day when you’re feeling lazy to crack those eggs. With such an egg-cellently curated menu, First Watch offers a variety of brunch options to suit your taste buds.

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