An Ultimate 7-Day Lagos Itinerary

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Wanderlusts… hear me out!!! 7 days in Lagos seems kinda short (I think it is) but with great planning, you would be able to get your money’s worth and have fun to the peak. This Lagos itinerary is well detailed and entails, sightseeing, food spots, grabbing a daiquiri over sunset, shopping and haggle tips, and also one of longest canopy walkway in Africa!

Before we dive into what I have packed into this 7-day vacation in Lagos, I want you to know that there are a lot of things to do out there, with such short time, none of them would be achievable without proper planning and organising. This itinerary is packed with a lot of gems and places more focus on Lagos Island. If you have more time on your hands, do more research about Lagos and you might find Lagos Mainland more suitable for you.

Are 7 Days In Lagos Enough?

The answer is NO, Lagos is really big and I do not expect you to cover such large land mass in 7 days. 7 days seems just right to visit some major places in Lagos, with adequate planning of course. For this itinerary, I have left a few famous places out for reasons such as traffic and inability to access venue. Besides, a lot of these famous places in Lagos are only famous because of the instagram exposure they have received over the years.

A lot of these places takes longer time to get to, not even to talk of the traffic situation in Lagos (which is dreadful), coupled with the rules venue managements have. However, if you have more than 7 days, I’d say go ahead and see other places in Lagos, Nigeria and have fun!

Few things to keep in mind

  • A valid passport (if traveling with a US passport, one would need a visa, proof of polio and yellow fever vaccinations. If traveling with a Nigerian passport, one does not need anything).
  • A negative PCR test result 72 hrs prior to departure (to and fro).
  • A health form prior to departure that can be found at
  • Book Airbnb and hotels in advance.
  • Find out what the current currency exchange rate is (as at the time I went on this trip it was $1 to N470).
  • Always have cash handy for Uber and domestic purchases.
  • Get ready to bake in Lagos: Lagos is really hot, remember to stay hydrated.
The Ultimate 7-Day Lagos Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Fly into Murtala Mohammed Int’l Airport, head over to your hotel to unwind or nap, then get into Lagos living, Lunch at The Grid Lagos.

  • Day 2 – Lekki Conservation center, Oniru Beach, Dinner at Danfo Bistro.

  • Day 3 – Shopping mall, Nike art gallery, Lunch at Pitstop Lagos.

  • Day 4 – Spa session, Street food, Lekki Art Market, Dinner at Black Bell Restaurant.

  • Day 5 – Covid Test, Rufus and Bee Games and Arcade, Sunset Daiquiri at Mykonos on the Roof, Late Night Photoshoot (if you are up for it).

  • Day 6 – Healthy juice at Food Shack, more sightseeing, Owambe or Nightlife (if available).

  • Day 7 – Local Restaurant and Flight home!

Day 1

For some reason I prefer to fly into Lagos, Nigeria at night, so as to be able to beat traffic, get a good night rest, and be revitalized for the next day as I wander around Lagos. If you get into Lagos early enough you should be able to unwind fully and get ready to start your Lagos Living.

The Grid Restaurant & Winery

Hunger sets in after a very long flight, not to talk of the really long wait at the airport. A perfect way to get into the Lagos vibes would be to get an Uber from the airport and head over to The Grid Restaurant and Winery. The ambience and murals sets a friendly and warm “welcome to Lagos tone”.

Entrance at The Grid Lagos


Taxis are usually expensive from the airport, hence, Uber is your best bet.
While getting your luggages, ask for a cart (if necessary), do not allow anyone to grab or help with your bags as they are opportunist wanting to extort money from tourists.
A bureau de change would always be available in the international terminal.

Order a hearty plate of the almighty Nigerian Jollof Rice and the “Once in a blue moon” cocktail (they have virgin options) to wind down from that long flight into Lagos.


Once you are done in Lagos Mainland, your next stop should be Lagos Island at Beni Gold Parkview hotel, a four star hotel with spacious rooms, thoughtful amenities, a-la-carte breakfast menu, and in a prime location (Ikoyi Lagos). Should you decide to spend the night on the mainland there are other hotels around such as Marriot Hotel Ikeja, Radisson Blu, amongst a few, that you can lodge.

Day Two

After a long nice rest, get up very early, grab an Uber to the famous Lekki Conservation Center.

“A day after you arrive, you want to do an activity that gives you a sense of where you are and the culture”


A scenic attraction that carries the longest canopy walkway in Africa. The LCC opens around 8:30 am daily including weekends and public holidays, and closes around 4:30pm. The LCC is very affordable and budget friendly, here is a price table.

Exploring without canopy1500500
Exploring with canopy25002000
Price is in Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Danfo Bistro

A savory, tasty meal of Ewa Agoyin (mashed beans and stew) with bread and plantains for lunch is just the right choice for lunch after such long walk.

Oniru Beach

This private owned beach is one of the famous beaches in Lagos. Oniru beach offers entertainment attractions such as live shows and musical events, as well as other activities such as volleyballing, and horse riding. The beach imposes a 12 am curfew, although it a 24/7 running beach, they stop receiving guests at 12 am. However you can stay overnight if you arrive before curfew. Just as every other tourist attraction in Lagos attracts a fee, Oniru beach is not an exception, it is N1000 (one thousand naira) per adult, and N200 (two hundred naira) for parking.


I would recommend staying at the previous hotel.


If you are an individual who loves a calm beach visit or would like to get pictures of themselves at the beach without a rowdy scene, then you might want to go in the morning around 8 am.

Day 3

Nike Center For Art and Culture

Nike Art Gallery is one of Nigeria’s hidden treasure located in Lekki-Lagos. The four storey gallery houses over 7000 pieces of arts and textiles. Unlike every other tourist attractions in Lagos, the entrance is free. Pieces from the gallery can range from a few thousands to millions of naira. The gallery opens from 10am to 6pm daily.

Pitstop Lagos

Pitstop lagos is one of the top restaurants in Lagos, a fitness and wellness themed restaurant built to accommodate and ease the stressful lifestyles of Lagosians. After my the art gallery tour I was already famished and ready to grab a taste of Lagos. These are my recommendations:

CocktailPitstop special {a mix of gin infused with cucumber and lemon}3500
Main DishSmoked Jumbo Prawns with Fried Plantains15000
DessertWarm sticky toffee pudding with Vanilla ice cream3500
Prices in NGN

Rufus and Bee

Ending your day with a little bit of fun is just the right way to go! This games arcade and bowling alley carries a variety of games to play, as well as a bar to sit and unwind. Entrance is free, but you have to buy a Buzzz Card which serves as your access and load it with money in order to play games or access the bowling alley. This card is also reusable – you do not have to purchase another one, if you decide to. visit again before your trip ends.


After the day’s fun I recommend retiring to the Airbnb you have booked in advance. I would advise booking the Airbnb on the island as you would be able to get to everywhere listed in this itinerary easily.


Since Nike Art Gallery doesn’t open till 10am, check in into your Airbnb early, drop your bags and get ready to head out.
Your Airbnb should be booked around the Lekki-Ikoyi axis, just for easy movement

Day 4

Do Something

If you happen to still be in Lagos Nigeria on the 4th day, that means you are enjoying this trip and you are gradually becoming a Lagosian – lol. Take a walk around your vicinity, take a jog on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, grab a motorcycle or tricycle (keke napep) to Oniru Market and buy some fruits for smoothie. Just chill and flow with the Lagos vibe.

Traffic Chops

En route Lekki Art Market, grab a traffic snack from traffic vendors just for the thrill of it. For returning Nigerians, this is a nostalgic event they have been waiting for.

Lekki Arts and Craft Market

Speaking of uncovering gems, the LAM is a gem that houses different artifacts that represents Nigeria. Because of its location, it is easily overlooked. For every stall you visit, there is a history lesson or two you would learn. The market consists of over 50 stores that showcases different artworks ranging from wood works, to metal works to pearls to painting and a whole lot more.

Glover Court Suya Run

Nigeria is well known for its famous charcoal grilled meat. Hence, a sin if you visit Nigeria without having suya at night.


One thing you need to know is, do not pay the initial price given to you in the market. they automatically assume you have money (remember you are on a budget here, even if your home currency is higher than the Nigerian naira, you are still on a budget). Negotiate with the traders, at least by 25% less than the initial price. If that fails, be a little bit dramatic by slowly walking away and letting them know you would get it from the next stall, they would sell their goods to you (lol… sometimes, this works).
Never admit or tell a vendor you are a tourist, so as to avoid touristy prices.

Black Bell Restaurant


Day 5

Covid Test

Street food grab, chill day, start off with agege bread and butter, take a walk, wander and see other things around you.

Mykonos On The Roof

Catch the sunset around 5pm with a passion fruit daiquiri

Late night shoot


Day 6

Food Shack

Health juice

Owambe/Night life

Day 7

Final Day

On this day, you might think there’s nothing to do. If your flight permits, you can always head to local food restaurants around the airport. You can also shop for souvenirs and gifts to take home.

Packing List

7x T-shirts
7x Underwears
4x Shorts
3x Pants
4x Socks
1x Hat {Boater or Fedora}
2x Sneakers
1x Flipflop
7-8 Jewelries
2x Slides or Mules
1x Dress shoe
1x Suit or dress {for photoshoot}
1x Fanny pack
1x Sunglasses
Sanitary Products
Skincare and facial Products
Insect repellent
Adapter {Universal adapter}
Universal wifi

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